MSE 250 Ton Hopper
Oakland, California

Structural Facilities and Plants in California Designed by Leavitt & Associates Engineers, Inc.

Leavitt & Associates Engineers, Inc. recently designed two 250 ton hoppers for MSE – Material Systems Engineers for the East Bay Municipal Utility District Solids Handling Project in Oakland, California.

The 250 ton hoppers were supported on an elevated steel braced-frame structure which provided access platforms for operations and maintenance and also allowed trucks to drive under for hopper discharge.

The hoppers and support structure are located in and were designed for seismic zone 4 which is a high risk seismic zone. East Bay Mud also had special seismic design criteria and details which were followed in the design and fabrication of the hoppers and support structure.

Leavitt & Associates has civil and structural engineering licenses and has designed a number of plants and structural facilities in California. We specialize in the design of all types of structures in high risk seismic zones.