Biomass One 15-Megawatt Turbine Generator Plant
White City, Oregon

Leavitt Engineering was awarded the contract to design a 15-megawatt turbine generator facility for Biomass One L. P. located in White City, Oregon.  The plant increased Biomass' total generating capacity to 40 megawatts.

The new power generator was on a fast track schedule to completion. Ground was broken on June 1, 2001, and construction of the massive heavy reinforced concrete turbine generator pedestal began on June 12, 2001.

Biomass One L. P. is an electrical power generating facility located just north of Medford, Oregon. Wood waste is the primary fuel source for the boilers which create steam to turn the turbines, which in turn generates electricity. In a process called 'go-generation', excess steam is sold to local wood mills and the electricity is sold to Pacific Power and Light. The wood mills use the steam as a heat source for processing lumber, veneers, and plywood. Biomass One currently produces enough electricity to supply 20,000 households.