Irrigation Flume Bridge
Jordan Valley, Idaho

On July 23, 1998 the Jordan Valley Irrigation District’s Southside Canal flume bridge over Jordan Creek failed. The bridge is located off of U.S. 95, 30 miles south of Jordan Valley. The 270 foot long flume bridge which carries 3,800 inches of irrigation water provides service to 30 water users and 7,989 acres. The failure occurred during a very critical time in the irrigation season. Jordan Valley Irrigation District immediately hired an engineering consultant to prepare plans to repair or replace the bridge. The District became dissatisfied and fired the original engineer after five weeks.

On Friday, August 28, Jordan Valley Irrigation District asked Leavitt Engineering to take over the project. General contractor, Yanke Machine Shop; concrete contractor, Universal Construction; and Leavitt Engineering joined together to form a design construct team to fast track the project.

Over that weekend, we prepared preliminary design calculations and sketches with which to begin the project. The preliminary design called for a 124 foot long steel half-round flume overland and a 145 foot long 120 inch diameter full-round 3-span tubular steel bridge over Jordan Creek. Preliminary design was completed on the following Wednesday and materials for fabrication were ordered. By the next Monday, structural design was finalized.

On September 9, construction staking to locate the piers and foundations was completed. Final drawings were completed on September 13, two weeks after beginning the project. Foundations were poured on September 14. Fabrication and field installation was completed and water was turned on October 18. The total project cost for the 270 foot long steel flume bridge, concrete foundations, and new inlet structure was around $275,000.

At Leavitt Engineering, we enjoy design-construct fast-track projects. Project owners benefit from design-construct because of better project coordination and control. Design-construct also helps to speed up project completion and reduce overall project cost. We enjoyed working with Glen Caywood, Board Chairman for the Irrigation District and all of the people at Jordan Valley.