Hoff Forest Products Strandex Plant
Meridian, Idaho

Hoff Forest Products built a plant to manufacture STRANDEX. STRANDEX is an extruded product made from sawdust and milk bottles. Hoff produces 62,000 pounds of sawdust daily. STRANDEX is a window frame and door component and is used as a structural decking material. The new 21,870 square foot plant is located at the Hoff Forest Products site in Meridian, Idaho.

We designed the foundations for the new 21,870 square foot manufacturing plant and mixing equipment. We also prepared the civil, structural, and mechanical general arrangement drawings for the equipment layouts, conveying systems, ducting, and piping. Foundations, support structures, equipment access, and enclosures were designed for the Gruendler grinder, Mac cyclone, Mac dust filter, Great Western sifter and divider, Air Tech induced draft fan, six Kaman screw conveyors, and the pneumatic conveying system. Our team also designed two 16’ diameter by 40’ high, 90 ton, wood flour silos and foundations, and a 35-foot pipe bridge.

We specialize in the design of plant facilities, and our designs have been critiqued by California Utility Pacific Gas & Electric as, "the most user friendly and serviceable plant facilities we have seen." Our expertise in plant engineering includes civil, structural, mechanical, welding, and material handling.