Idaho Center
Nampa, ID

The Idaho Center is an approximately 100,000 square feet concrete and structural steel facility in Nampa, Idaho.

The Center houses the annual Snake River Stampede Rodeo as well as the Idaho Stampede, a professional basketball team. The Center is also used for other sporting events, trade shows, conventions, and concerts.

We were responsible for the structural steel design for the structure. Six main trusses support the roof.

There are two horizontal trusses in the roof system running east and west which are designed to transfer lateral loads from wind and seismic to the vertical brace systems.

We also did the site design for the 55 acres. The design included grading, storm drainage, and a site utility plan including water, sewer, pressure irrigation, power, telephone, and gas.

This included an extension to the City of Nampa sewer, water, and pressure irrigation systems.

Site Plan

Trusses being set - aerial view.

Aerial view of site.