Performix High Plains Plant
Garden City, Kansas

With the involvement of our Structural Engineering team, Performix High Plains of Garden City, Kansas, built a facility to produce and store 400 truckloads a month (125,000 tons per year) of liquid feel supplements for feedlots and dairies in the Midwest.  The new plant is environmentally friendly, producing no waste, dust, odors, or runoff.

Staff members designed foundations and structures to support 23 vessels with 43,000 cubic feet of dry storage, 15 vessels to hold 1.8 million gallons of liquid ingredient and 100,000 gallons of finished product.

The design included support for both dry and liquid material handling equipment, installed along a 1,200 foot railroad siding, used to fill trucks and unload materials delivered to the plant. We also planned foundations for a production building housing mixing equipment and bagged inventory.