Roseburg Forest Products Project
Dillard, Oregon

Leavitt Engineering joined Yanke Energy, Inc., of Boise, Idaho, to complete structural designs for approximately 640 feet of industrial ducts and support structures for Roseburg Forest Products' Plywood-1 Facility in Dillard, Oregon.

The ducts, ranging in diameter between 30 inches and 60 inches, span up to 100 feet between supports and are approximately 70 feet above the ground. Our team also completed structural designs for several duct transition boxes designed for 5.0 psi internal pressure.

Two of the major support structures were a 50-foot tall steel-framed fan support tower with stairs and five interconnected space trusses to support the ducts over an existing building. In addition to the internal pressure, the ducts were designed to resist all snow, wind, and seismic loads required by the current International Building Code.